CAF Rules

The rules of HASS have to be respected by every member of HASS,but the rules can be used by any airsoft player,HASS  can only decide beetwen their members if someone should not be invited to training or meetings and the explaination is not needed,if it's their decision they are not obligated to explain why or what's the problem and everyone is obligated to respect that decision.

The rules of HASS (Croation airsoft pact)

1 -  The order of obligations when coming  to the meeting
paragraph 1) the application of the club or the team of an individual for the meeting
paragraph 2) solving administrative work and registration fees if it's not already solved
paragraph 3) getting in touch with all the rules of the meeting(if there are more restrictions that HASS isn't aware of), however if one does apply to the meeting,it is expected of him that he is aware of most rules
paragraph 4) getting ready for the meeting
paragraph 5)introduction to the scenario
paragraph 6) playing at the meeting
paragraph 7)decomission,packing all the stuff and the equipment

If one doesn't respect all these rules ,his punishment is next : HE IS OUT OF THE MEETING. Furthermore the punishment goes to the club aswell if that person is the part of the club/team

2- On the meetings,members of HASS can play and other relatives that are not with the club(people that are not involved in any club or team),but if the meeting is strictly clan based or if the individual can't come because he is forbidden to come ,the individual can't play. If the person is forbidden to come then he is not wanted on the meeting and he should be distanced away with the help of the moderator or the police.

3) If you want to be on the meetings  you have to be 18+

4) It is forbidden to rage about something that is based on political,national,religious or cheerleading base or any  other base at all because it can offend someone. If someone doesn't  obey these rules they will be warned or they will be kicked out

5)Advertising o f the meeting  for members of HASS
paragraph 1)Members of HASS have to advertise their meetings  in the board called ANNOUNCeMENT OF THE MEETING
paragraph 2)Members of HASS  have a Calendar of Events which marks all the meetings with underlined letters
paragraph 3) Theme of the meeting has to be pasted regardless of the time that the meeting will be organised
paragraph 4)If the theme is locked,it has to have an opened theme for discussion which is not pasted and is unlocked for the discussion if the case is not where the autor of the theme will already have announced and pasted theme that will be allowed for discussion
paragraph 5) The form of the meeting must contain the following information:
-the date of the meeting
-the name of the meeting
-place of the meeting
-the organizer of the meeting
-Special notes/rules/constraints:mid caps,AMS,ammo limit and so on(or limited to 100 people,24H,48H,drescode)
-the price of the fee and the payment account or if the payment will be kept at the place of the meeting

6) Advertising the meeting for non members of HASS
paragraph 1)Non members are advertising their meetings in the board called Meeting Anouncement
paragraph 2)Non members have the meeting on their calendar of the events with ordinary letters without any special indications,unless if the case is that the event is in the current month,the meeting for non members will not be in the calendar
paragraph 3) Theme of the meeting announcement for non members has to be locked,commenting and writing is only allowed to the person who posted the theme or moderators  and administrators if it's necessary for them to intervene because someone doesn't  respect the rules
paragraph 4) Form of the meeting announcement has to contain the following informations:
-date of the meeting
-name of the meeting
-place of the meeting
-organiser of the meeting
-if the meeting is based on a certain theme
-Special notations/rules/limitations : mid caps,AMS,ammo limit and so on(limit for 100 people,24h,48h,drescode)
-registration fee and the payment number or if you have to pay at the place of the meeting

paragraph 5)If the non member has his own rules but they are the exact copy of HASS rules,he is not allowed to represent them as his own rules,he has to represent them as the rules of HASS
paragraph 6)The non member who is not sure in specific segments of the announcement and thinks that some parts could be in confrontation with the politics of HASS is obligated to consult with the governing body of the pact.

-All topics from MEETING ANNOUNCEMENTS which were commented 2 months before or more will be switched to MEETING ARCHIVES
-If it comes to the situation where there's a meeting with members and non members of the pact,the members have an advantage and non members have no right to publish anything,not even in the event calendar

During the time when there's a meeting in the HASS,it is forbidden to consume any sort of alcohol drinks or drugs of any kind,same is meant for participating in the shootout meeting. If you notice that someone is intoxicated,you should report that to the organiser of the meeting right away
paragraph 1) if a player notices that someone is consuming alcohol,drugs or any other opiate,he is obligated to report that person right away
paragraph2)each insinuate after the meeting that someone was intoxicated without  the report  to the organiser during the meeting is considered to be a lie and malicious and it will result with a discussion in HASS and a possible ban on the forum of HASS
Minor provisions of Article 7
-paragraph 3) If you break these rules,you are automatically kicked out from the meeting permanently,or until the person is sobered up,however the team will probably get punished or warned aswell. That individual can also be forbidden  to  participation in meetings organized by the State HASS for a period of one to six months. If one repeats the offense, he is issued a lifetime ban on participation in meetings organized by the State HASS.
paragraph 4 ) If the individual does not belong to any club / team, the individual is automatically kicked out of the meetings until he sobered up (organiser's decision) and he is forbidden to be on the meetings in the HASS until he becomes  the member of the team. The breaking of the rules is being transfered in the new club/team and if one repeats the same case,breaks the rule that is,he is forbidden for a life time to be in HASS meetings
8)Each participant of the meeting is obligated to wear protection glasses since the moment the moderator/organiser announces the beggining of the meeting and until the moderator announces the end of the meeting. Even if you are distanced far away from the war zone,you are still obligated to wear glasses until you are told that the meeting is over.

Important protection are glasses
-HASS is not resposinble for the quality of the glasses for everybody that is at the meeting
Suggestion : You have to wear glasses since the moment somebody starts using their gun
paragraph 9)Incase your glasses are foggy,lie down or crouch,look down and clean your glasses
paragraph 10)On the meeting,there will be a marked place where you can practice with your airsoft weapon before the meeting and the shootout. That is the only place where you can try the gun before you use it,trying it in any other place is considered breaking the rules
paragraph 11)On the meetings in the organisation,members use mid/low caps
If you break  the rules you get warned first,but the second time you are kicked out.

paragraph 12)On the meeting,you are allowed to use AEG,GBB,NBB,guns with HPA system and spring guns. Maximum allowed allowed kinetic energy(BB) will be measured where the user uses hop up or rhop
1-automatic weapons,machine guns and pistols : limit 1,49J-allowed to cross the limit to 1,56J
2-machine guns(light or heavy variation):limit to 1.88J(minimum BB range is 15m-limit is allowed to cross the limit to 1.96J
3-heavy machine guns(PKM,M60,M249/MK45,MG42/3 etc.)
AMMO LIMIT : unlimited,how many mag boxes you have,that many you are allowed to use
4-Light machine guns(RPK,M27,L86 LSW,IAR etc)
AMMO LIMIT : 1000bb,the rule of rearming the ammunition depends on the change of the rules from the side of the organiser of the meeting
For both variations of machine guns,it is forbidden to use them inside the objectives
5-semi automatic sniper rifles(DMR)-2,32J(minimum range is 20m),limit can be crossed until it passes 2.42 J
-it is not allowed to use the converted versions of the guns
-Players who have the converted sorth of weapons will not be able to use it on the meetings,also the gun has to be put only on semi automatic,and not on automatic fire,automatic fire has to be mechanically removed
-guns that don't have their automatic fire removed will not be able for use
-snipers that are bolt action have the limit to 3.34J(minimum effective range is 30m),you are allowed to go to 3.46J
-you are obligated to have a sidearm weapon if you are using a sniper rifle
-DRM and any other sniper has to have an optic for zooming
If you use a weapon that has the kinetic energy that is bigger than the one that is allowed,you will be forbidden to compete in the meeting
Kinetic energy will be measured with the middle force of the kinetic energy every 5 bbs
Official chronometers of HASS are : Xcortech X3200 MK1,MK2 and MK3

10-punishment for using the weapon on lesser ranges than the range that is allowed will result in a warning,if you repeat the same mistake,you will be punished.

11-you are only allowed to use automatic fire in the closed places if the kinetic energy is 0.84J or less.
Inside and outside of the object: The player that is distanced 2 meters from the outside wall of the objective and is attacking is considered to be inside the objective and he can't use automatic fire against the enemy. Distance of 2 meters from the outside wall is considered inside the objective.
Cold weapons : You are forbidden to carry any sort of cold weapons (knives,bayonetts etc). You are allowed to use them,however you are not allowed to use them with the intention of causing consequences or hurting other people around you,you are only allowed to use it as a tool if you need it to fix something.If you break this rule,you will be accused and you will be reported to competent authorities of RH,and deal with the consequences of the RH law.

SAFETY,transport of the weapons and the way of carrying the uniform

14)during the time you come to the meeting or the training,or on your way out of it,your weapon has to be blocked,meaning that you can't fire with it,you may carry it but your trigger has to be on hold.The weapon has to be carried in a bag or any sort of transport so that nobody can see it,and so that it can't hurt someone else.

15)it is forbidden to give the weapon to someone else who is a first time user and doesn't know anything about airsoft weapons

16)you are allowed to use the weapons only in the places where the organiser tells you to

17)you are forbidden to come or leave to any airsoft event completely dressed as a military personnel,you are allowed to change now and then with civil clothes aswell.

18)explosives are completely forbidden and out of the question
only exceptions to this rule is allowed to be brought by a moderator or an organiser of the meeting,and only if he consults with other commanders of other teams/clubs
If you break this rule and use something that is forbidden to use,you are automatically kicked out,both you and your whole team,and you get a 6 month suspension of participating in any sort of airsoft meeting and shootout that is organiased by HASS

19)Smoke bombs are allowed,airsoft hand grenades and mines(they dish out BBs with the help of the gas,dust,colour and so on)with a certificate of the person who sold it to you,however the use of tear gas or anything in particular is forbidden to use.Smoke bombs have to be given to the organiser,and if he says that they are safe to use,you are allowed to use them.The mines that react with light or sounding signals during the activation are allowed for use

20)You are allowed to eaves drop radio communications,but you are not allowed to use any scramblers that could jam the signal.You are forbidden to eaves drop the communication that the organiser uses
If you break any of these rules it could get you kicked out of the game

21)Scenario is aiming to simulate the war situation as much as possible,every situation that is not logical or has to be improvised must be compensated with the current situation.

WHen the player is hit,he has to yell and notify everyone else that he is hit so that he isn't hit anymore.The player pulls out reflecting vest or anything in particular so that everyone else can see that he is hit and he has to run away from the location as soon as possible so that he doesn't disturb the people that still play.The player that is hit must not use anything that could disturb the game.It is forbidden to use other players as your shields.If the game does not use the medic rule,the player has to be distanced from the place that he is shot right away. It is forbidden to say to someone that someone is hit. The game goes on until the player lets you know that he is hit. Shots in any part of your body are considered legit and it means that you are hit.The player is not hit until the moment he admits it himself or the moderator says that he is hit.If the moderator says that someone is hit,it is forbidden to go into the discussion with him.Only after the end of the mission or the part of the scenario are you allowed to have a discussion with the moderator.
Player that is hit is considered "dead" as long as he has a reflecting vest or anything in particular. Player is obligated after the healing to remove the vest and put it back,and only after he's done that can he continue playing again.
Procedure of a player that is hit
Loud and clear you have to let everyone know that you are hit(yell "hit")
Clearly take out the vest and put it on yourself(red colour is a must)visible from any place
Distance away to the place where you are ordered to go if you are hit or do as the scenario tells you to
It is forbidden to communicate with "alive" players if you are "dead",you are also forbidden to look in the direction where you were hit,because it can give away the position of the enemy,you can't help your mates if you are hit in any way.
It is forbidden to shoot BBS from the moment when the player is hit,till the moment he is brought to life again.
When the player is out of the game in night time,it is forbidden to turn the lamp in the position where the enemy is,if you are out of the game,your equipment is out of the game aswell,you are obligated to aim the battery in the direction of the floor,you can't disturb anyone else if you are out of the game.
If you disobey any of these rules,the consequences are next:
1-way to the meeting - you get a warning and you have stay in MASH(you're out of the game) which is 60 minutes long
2-way to the meeting - you're kicked out of the meeting
If one happens to be kicked out 3 times because of breaking the rules,he is forbidden to participate in any HASS meeting  for a year(after which the punishments are erased),in addition the club or the team of the punished person can also be suspended for 3 months.

23) "Silent Kill"-the rule and the procedure of silent kill
Silent kill is performed when a person with both of their hands touches any part of the enemy's body other than neck or the head and says three times "Silent kill". This is done so that you can't so easily kill alot of people using this method.
Person who is dead because of the silent kill can't move or do anything once the first "Silent kill" line has been said,he has to stand still and do nothing,he can't react nor make any noise,he can't even say "HIT",he only has to lay on the floor and put his kill rag on himself.
The player is not obligated to accept the Silent kill if it's not performed by these rules.
The person who got killed by a Silent Kill has to wait the bleed out time and after that can he go to MASH
If the enemy sees that silent kill is about to be performed,the only solution is to shoot or do the fair play "bang bang"
It is strictly forbidden to use any sort of lethal cold weapons and if the person wants to perform the silent kill,he has to approach the enemy without his gun pointed at the enemy so that he can't get hurt since the range is very close.
If someone breaks these rules,he is sent to the MASH right away,and if he does it again,he is kicked out.
Procedures and ways of player's behaviour after they're hit will be defined depending on the scenario.
If you disobey any of these rules,the consequences are next:
1-way to the meeting - you get a warning and you have stay in MASH(you're out of the game) which is 60 minutes long
2-way to the meeting - you're kicked out of the meeting
If one happens to be kicked out 3 times because of breaking the rules,he is forbidden to participate in any HASS meeting  for a year(after which the punishments are erased),in addition the club or the team of the punished person can also be suspended for 3 months.

24)Bounced BB are not considered hitting the player,regardless if they bounced because of the tree,obstacle or other player. Shots through the bush or the snow are considered legit shots

25)Friendly kill - if your friend hits you,you are obligated to act as if you were hit by your enemy,same goes for silent kill.

26)It is forbidden to perform a blind shot,which means that you can't hide behind an obstacle and just point your gun randomly and shoot people,you have to have your body exposed to do so.
If you disobey any of these rules,the consequences are next:
1-way to the meeting - you get a warning and you have stay in MASH(you're out of the game) which is 60 minutes long
2-way to the meeting - you're kicked out of the meeting
If one happens to be kicked out 3 times because of breaking the rules,he is forbidden to participate in any HASS meeting  for a year(after which the punishments are erased),in addition the club or the team of the punished person can also be suspended for 3 months.

Scenario with a larger amount of people can use the MEDIC rule
Medic is a player who at the beggining of the game wears a badge called (medic patch). Medic can carry a limited amount of bandages which he can use to bandage dead people and allow them to continue playing
When the player is hit,he can call the medic by yelling "MEDIC ! " if he thinks that medic is close to him.
Player is not allowed to move from the place where he is hit,but he can be carried away to safety(a player that is hit can only walk if the medic is near him,if he's in contact with him,and he can only walk,he can't run)
Medic can approach to a wounded player and bandage him around his hands and he has to stay in the contact with him for a minute,depending on the organiser. If the bleed out time is out,the player goes to the respawn area
For the time that the medic is bandaging a wounded player,medic can't move for a minute,or more if the organiser says so. After the bandage is done,the player can go to the battle again.
The player can't take his bandage off until he comes to the HQ/MASH,until the mission is finished or until all enemies are eliminated(depending on the rules of the meeting)
Medic can be healed by atleast 2 people the same way he heals other people.
This rule could be changed depending on the moderator
The medic cards can be used by medics,and the moderator can change them if he wants to.
Explanation :
Player that is hit,after he got hit,he can look for medic's help,let's say that he has 5 minutes until he bleeds out,the time is ticking the moment he is shot and also when the medic is bandaging him.When the medic arrives,medic bandages the player and he has to stay for a minute near the player undisturbed,however if the contact breaks,if he's disturbed,the player's  bleeding time is not repeated,the medic still has to repeat the procedure of healing
If you disobey any of these rules,the consequences are next:
1-way to the meeting - you get a warning and you have stay in MASH(you're out of the game) which is 60 minutes long
2-way to the meeting - you're kicked out of the meeting
If one happens to be kicked out 3 times because of breaking the rules,he is forbidden to participate in any HASS meeting  for a year(after which the punishments are erased),in addition the club or the team of the punished person can also be suspended for 3 months.

28) Verbal elimination
Verbal elimination is allowed if you are very close to the enemy and he can't see you.It is not necessary to shoot him because you can hurt him,and in that case you can just tell him that he is hit if he is close to you by aiming your gun at him.If that player continues to play regardless if you said that he is hit,you are allowed to use your gun.Verbal elimination is not allowed if you don't have the enemy in in your iron sights,and it's not considered a silent kill!
Example : Player A is on one floor of the building that has a big hole in the ground and he sees player B that's moving 2 m under him. Player B is not aware that he's being watched and he turns his back watching through the window. Because of his position, player A has a view of his upper body(of the player B)and is aware that if he gets hit in the head,he can suffer big consequences,so the player just simply warns him and that's it
Example of the wrong way : Player A is behind a bush. Player B knows that but he can't get to him so he says player A is hit because he is close to him. PLayer B is in the wrong.The verbal elimination is only usable on small distances up to 5 m with a visual contact,and by the decision of the player(if you shoot at the person,don't hit his head)
Gathering of the players that are hit
On small zones where the game is dynamic(500x500m) it is forbidden to gather players that are hit. On some meetings like Poskok,Skok,Murphy and so on where the base is distanced or the players play during the night,it is allowed to gather hit players on the distance of 50m where the main action is,so that it is easier to get back to the base.

30)STOP - rule ; Player can stop the game by saying "STOP"
There are few situations where this is allowed,if he doesn't do it the proper way,he is punished by getting kicked out of the meeting or the training.If somebody that is not involved in the meeting,civils,animals and so on enters the field,it is forbidden to harm them or do anything to them,any sort of physical harm is out of the question,and with that you are obligated to warn everybody else that you are not alone on the meeting.
1 - STOP : Civils!
If the person sees civils walking around,he has to yell "STOP,CIVILS",he has to run to them and warn them that an airsoft game is being played at the moment.
The player has fallend and wounded himself and he calls for help. In that case it is necessary to help the player and pause the game
3 - STOP : Breaking the rules/danger
If the player sees that someone broke a rule which leads to endangering other players,the game can be stopped by yelling "STOP"
If the player during the game sees some sort of a threat,like fire,wild animals etc,he has to pause the game.
When the game is stopped,nobody can act
If the player stops the game because someone didn't accept the hit,or because someone goes to the respawn but came back right away,or if he did a blind shot,he will be punished.
Pausing the game is a serious thing as it affects the tempo and the quality of the game,so it has to be a very necessary thing,so that is why players who say stop for a silly reason are punished
They are people who have certificates of HASS,they have an identity card of HASS,they can with the allowance of the game organiser participate in making the rules,moderating the meeting and so on,they can warn and kick out a certain player from the game if they think that he is incorrect. If they see that something is wrong,that someone is breaking the rules,they are obligated to report it to the organiser right away. In game moderator has to in the moment of acting have a reflecting vest and he has to say who he is,he can follow the game of alive players if he is "dead". When the active player sees that something is wrong and is 100% sure in it,he has to stop the game,highlight his vest and present himself,yell "IN GAME MODERATOR",the moderator comes and sees what is wrong and if the person is rightfully accused,he asks that person for his name and last name,and brings that person to MASH for a discussion of the punishment.
1-Punishment for that conduct on the scene will be said by a moderator,and it can be a warning or exclusion from the meeting. Moderator can impose a ban to the person after the meeting on the limited period (for example 3,6 months or for a life time)depending on the level of rule breaking.Depending on the seriousness of the offense and the circumstances under which it was held,the punishment must be imposed to that person's club.
2-The penalty for physical or psychological harassment of civilians(any person who is not involved in the meeting in any sort of way)or animals,is a lifetime ban to participate in any HASS meeting.
3-The match ends when all of the tasks of a team filled by an organiser,and when an organiser says that it's the end of the meeting. The end of the meeting can be announced in some unpredictable situation that could result in an injury or causing damage to a person or a group of people,regardless of whether they participate in the meeting or don't participate.
4-The end of the meeting may be declared only by an organizer or the moderator of the meeting.
5-In the event of any injury  of a player,the meeting is interrupted,and you must inform an organiser. About the continuation of the meeting,the organiser is the one who decides when does it continue.
6-Chain of command is determined before the beggining of the meeting from the perspective of the organizer/moderator and it has to be respected. Determination of the chain of command can be left only to the participants,and when it is done,it has to be respected.
 If you disobey any of these rules,the consequences are next:
1-way to the meeting - you get a warning and you have stay in MASH(you're out of the game) which is 60 minutes long
2-way to the meeting - you're kicked out of the meeting
If one happens to be kicked out 3 times because of breaking the rules,he is forbidden to participate in any HASS meeting  for a year(after which the punishments are erased),in addition the club or the team of the punished person can also be suspended for 3 months.
7-Commanders have the right to ask the moderators to exclude from the meeting the person for whom they think does not listen to orders or work against the good for the team. Moderators can,but they don't have to exclude that person.
8-It is strictly forbidden to shoot participants or anyone else outside the meeting with the intention to hurt them
9-You are obligated to respect the rules of fair play!
10-Each member of HASS as an organiser of the meeting,has the ability to reject the application of someone who wants to participate in the meeting of the individual or his club/team like punishing measure,due to frequent violations in the meetings organized by HASS or other clubs/teams/freelancers who are not members of HASS.
paragraph 1) The reasons for rejection of the application for the meetings don't have to be esplained by an organiser.

41-The rules are subject to change during the meeting if it is necessary for organizers.

42-Each member of HASS is obligated to conduct the meetings by the rules set by this regulation except in the case of article 32 of these regulations.

43-It is forbidden to throw any kind of junk into the nature during the period of the meeting. If someone sees someone else who is throwing junk in the nature,he is obligated to notify the moderator

44-If a situation appears that is not provided with this regulation,the organizer of the meeting shall resolve the situation with the law of RH discipline commision

45-The disciplinary committee consists of all the members of HASS,from the disciplinary committee,members are exempted that are involved in the dispute

46-The disciplinary comittee can punish an individual depending on the size of violations

47-LASERS-It is forbidden to use any lasers on the meetings of HASS. Lasers are allowed as a part of the meeting,or ATSC/ANTP competitions. For use of the laster,the first punishment is MASH for 2 hours,if it happens again,the person is kicked out

1-Violation of HASS issued by the organizers of the meeting
2-Endangering the safety of other players
3-Handling of the weapon contrary to the orders on security
4-Testing the weapon outside of the marked terrain that is intended for it
5-Multiple endangering of the safety of other players or personnel
6-Using the weapons against civilians
7-Shooting anaimals not for the purpose of self defense
8-Using or showing off the weapon outside of the playing field
9-Arrival at training,seminar or the meeting contrary to the uniform restriction
10-False representation and presentation as a representative of the association/club or the team
11-You are not allowed to bring any gas or fire weapons
12-The use of firearms or gas weapons 
13-Participation in airsoft events under the influence of alcohol or drugs
14-Proven hits that you don't point out
15-Insulting of any kind(nationality,religion,social,etc)
16-unconscionable care of entrusted equipment
17-deliberate destruction or damage to the equipment
18-Theft-immediate expulsion from the pact with a police report and the damage
19-insults,defamation on forums or any sort of that,presenting untruths
20-verbal showdown with other players
21-attempt a physical clash with other players
22-physical clash with other players
23-verbal threat to another person/team/club
24-non use of protective equipment
25-failure to comply with the decisions of the moderators and entering into discussions and arguments with them
26-acting contrary to the orders of the moderator
27-failure to comply with the rules of the medic,MASH and other special rules of the meeting
28-monitoring of players that are hit
29-lack of protective equipment or any other piece of equipment necessary to participate in the meeting

Any inappropriate behavior in front of sponsors,donors,or other important VIP personnel shall be punished with the provisions of this regulator
Sanctions :
1-being sent into the MASH because moderator said so
2-exclusion from the meeting because of organizer's decision
3-public warning-published in the media of HASS
4-prohibition of participation in events organized by the pact(1-24 months)
5-prohibition of participation in events organized by the pact
6-reporting violations to the competent bodies of the Republic of Croatia
7-ban on the forums (permanent/temporary)
Taking disciplinary action can occur in the following ways :
1-being requested by one of the people/club/teams against another
2-at the request of the management association
After the disciplinary comission held a hearing,there is a vote,and the decision is valid when atleast 50%+1 member or more vote for or against it

A written application must contain the following :
Name of the meeting
Date and time of the violation
Who reported the offense
Data on the offender
Description of the offense
List of witnesses
Witness statements
Statements mixed into the event
2-person that was damaged/harmed
The manifestation of the club/team
The manifestation of the offender

Decision-which will be contained in the decision of the disciplinary board of the above,the date of the session with the following:
Date and the time of the offense,article and the paragraph of the offense and finally the decision of the disciplinary board

Remedy - has the right to protest within 15 days from the date of publication in the official media of the club or the website. Signature of the president/secretary/vice president of the association,date of the decision and the seal of the covenant.

A complaint that was filed goes to the board of directors of HASS
The management board may decide whether the complaint is valid or invalid
Unfounded complaint-it is reject and the decision is made by the commission. Unfounded complaint is the complaint which is not mentioned in any new fact that would affect the earlier decision of the disciplinary board
Established appeal - it is convened by the assembly of the club,it is accessed with hearing and they shall vode,valid vote is atleast 50%+1 if the vote is FOR,if it's under it means it's against it
The application is submitted to the PM of any administrator or moderator exclusively in the above form