Payment info

International players can pay ticket on site / sign up.


Place of event: Stari Slatinik, nearby Slavonski Brod

Applications and chrono: 25.05.2018. from 19:00h -22:00h, 26.06.2017. from 06:00h- 09:00h
Dinner: 25.05.2018. from 22:00h - 23:00h
Briefing: 26.05.2018. at 09:15h
Start o Game: 26.05.2018. at 10:00h
The end of Game: 27.05.2018. at 12:00h
Debriefing: 27.05.2018. at 12:45h
Lunch: 27.05.2018. at 13:30h

All of the participants must be 18 years old or more, and attend a meeting on personal responsibility by signing a statement.
The terrain is very demanding, so please be adequatly prepared. The lowest elevation point is at 151 meters above sea level, and highest at 237 m. Take into account that everything is going to be placed in about 6 km squared.It is a mixture of deciduous and coniferous forest ( the ratio is 90:10 in favor of deciduous trees). The forest is under 300 years old.Also, there are no residential buildings in the field, most of the land is owned by the Croatian Forests. It is rich with wildlife. In one word, the best of Slavonia's forests.

The scenario is designed as a simulation of an imaginary conflict between separatist forces and coalition forces.It includes staying and orientation in nature, day and night enforcement tasks, teamwork, planning base, and all that goes with it. There will be adapted CAF rules and some aditional scenario rules.

Ticket price / fee is 150 kn (20 euro). Non Croatian players can pay ticket on site upon sign up. Girls / ladies have FREE TICKET. 

Organizer provides:
-camping area the day before the meeting
-ground lease with the necessary permits and approvals
-drinking water during the meeting
-food: dinner 25.05.2018. and lunch 27.05.2018.
-map of the terrain for every participant
-mark of each participant OP Murphy (bracelet)
-props on the field (bases, tents, props, etc...).

Participants provide:
-safety glasses
-extra food and water, depending on individual needs
-replica (recommended to take a backup) and BIO BB pellets, backup battery, lamp
-orange color reflective vest to highlight hits by day (recommended light stick or flash red to indicate hits during night)
-label for medic, and the corresponding strips for the team according to the rules
-1 radio per team
-mid cap / low cap containers according to the rules
-dress code in accordance with the rules and instructions.

The meeting is not profitable type. Excess funds will be diverted to rebuild a playground in Sibinj.