OP Murphy - RULES


Everyone MUST use MID/LOW cap magasines.Number of magasines is not limited,but number of BB-s is to a total of 600 bbs.
This rule does not applie to Snipers,Granade Launchers and guns (no ammo limits). LMGs BB limit is 1000. Machineguns MUST use only BOXMAG magasines.

Example:It is not allowed to a "Gunnie" on M249 to use 15 STANAG mags wich he would "lend" around.

Mag's can be "lend" among teammates.

Mag's can be reloaded ONLY at already marked places (RESPAWN,BASE,AMMO CRATES).


-anyone can extract a wounded player to cover but CANNOT run doing so.

-medic is a player already chosen by the team,and so he can "heal" any HIT player

-After beeing hit u call for medic by Loudly yelling "MEDIC,MEDIC!"

-Medic "heals" players by placing a bandage on him (around a hand or a leg),after wich he must make phisical contact with the wounded plaer for 2 minutes during wich he CAN NOT shoot.

-Medic can "heal" same player two times, after the same player is hit for the third time he must go to MASH/RESPAWN or to DOCTOR

-Medic uses a Bandage wich every player must have on him self, in case that he lacks one he is dead instantly and goes to MASH/RESPAW IMMIDEATLY

-Medic can be healed only by another Medic

-Medic cannot heal the player eliminated using SILENT KILL,SUICIDE BOMBER or EXPLOSIVE. This rule applies for a Medic that has been
eliminiated by same means.

-Every group of 10 players can have only one Medic.

BLEEDOUT TIME:10 minutes. Medic have to start healing a player within 10 minutes after a hit. During Bleedout enemy player can eliminate wounded player using SILENT KILL rules.


- Doctor have mobile MASH/RESPAWN role.

- Player can be healed by Doctor only 1 time.

- Doctor have 25 RESPAWN/MEDIC cards (can refill them in base when he use them all).

- Doctor have makred medic bag with medic suplies (dont use those suplies - decroative/dummy items).

- Doctor heals player 5 min afther that he give medic card to healed player (player return medic card in base).

- Doctor can heal multiple players in same time.

- Every group of 50 players can have only one Doctor.

- Doctor can be healed only by another Medic.


Mine field si clearly marked with sign MINE. Mines can be only removed with propper gear (demining gear).
Demining gear is provided by organisator.


Object/Hardware destruction can be done only with player with propper gear (explosives etc.)
Destroyed object/hardware must be marked with propper mariking. Destroyed object/hardware is 2 hours offline.
Demolition gear is provided by organisator.


As every year, village will be part of the game.
The village has its elder, all negotiations and cooperation go over him, the elder is also the game moderator.
The village has its own mission, which may differ from your missions or may be the same.
The village can not win but may give advantage to one side

Cooperation with the village can be very important

Residents of the village for entry, passage or something else that has to do with the village will decide independently and are willing to trade,  for trading you can use everything you can think of, or villagers can think of (a little help: a good whiskey and cigars, comic books and candy can be crucial in negotiations ........)

The attack on the village for no reason will result in negative points for the side that is attacking,
The attack on the village is without penalty if someone from the village start shooting first on you.
Then you can take over the village, cooperation is still dependent on the village elder, the village is under your "control" until it is releases itself from the attackers or until somebody else does it, all the equipment in the village and the villagers are forbidden to tear, demolish, take,it is not allowed to enter the personal tents, etc ...
The village women can only search other women .
The villagers outside the village can but do not have to be peaceful.
Attack on the villagers without cause also results in negative points.