Lightning attack coalition of Russia and China in the area of ​​the United States found the bulk of the armed forces of the United States is not ready, after a year of fighting the western territory of California all the way to the Rocky Mountains is under the control of China by San Francisco as the main port and the supply line and the East teritory of Atlatic to lake Michigan is under the control of the European power with Washington as a supply center and the Pentagon now serves as the command of the combined forces of Russia and China where most of the population of the United States runs to a not occupied parts, while Alaska is fully under Russian control and serves as an a direct link between Russia and the United States as an area, at which the preparation of further progress in the USA. Most of the population of Alaska who were dissatisfied with their status in the United States is quickly inclined to Russia, stating that they have always been part of Russia before they are sold to America, without the resistance of the local population. Russia most of its power is distributed in Alaska and uses natural rich natural resources of Alaska to supply the war effort of China. US forces that have been deployed to attack in the third world countries have withdrawn from all the skirmishes and regrouped themselves with 5 fleet in Bosaso in Somalia and prepare counter attack on Washington and San Francisco. Main headquarters of Defense is now in Colorado at Cheyenne mountain in the town of El Paso at the air base Peterson. Area of continental America is well defended and represents an obstacle to the attacking forces because well-organized civilian forces led by David Earp great-grandson of the legendary gunslinger Wayat Earp and the rest of the United States army, led by General Clayton Abernathy. Due to the inability to progress toward the goal and complete submission of the United States and the threat of a counter attack from the upcoming 5 Fleet Forces Europe and China are forced to dig in and prepare for a possible counter attack.
Mexico's and Canada are still amicable neutral until use weapons of mass distruction. Canada is under great pressure and economic embargo by Russia and China as it does not allow the Russian land forces to cross and attack on the United States and the inclusion in fighting and eliminating pressure with Chinese and European forces.
On 14/04/2017, the Canada's discount pressure and Russian forces under the leadership of Emil Zhukov moving through Canada to Montana and attempt a direct attack on Colorado and submission to the rest of the resistance.
At the direction of attack coalition forces of Russia and China are organized civil forces that have large amounts of extra light fuel for propulsion long-range missile system. "Race" between conflicting forces who will be quicker and who will more control the civil power and their production of fuel. This is becoming a priority task of the conflicting parties.