After the unification of Russian forces that were in a very short and unresolved resistance to Canada and the Chinese forces that had been sufficiently resilient through the mountainous area of ​​the United States, the attack continues in the direction of the last great strut of the United States Army in Colorado.
Chinese forces that suffered huge losses by crossing the Rocky mountains, terrain configuration and the fanatical struggle of US civilian forces momentarily halted the Chinese breakthrough and bought time for 5th Fleet, and China was forced to seek help from Russia in human and armed forces to determine its coastal positions and protected the main supply port of San Francisco.
During that time, the European forces came to Kansas and New Mexico without any resistance.
The United States Army together with the civilian army is now surrounded and cut off from all supply lines. But the moral has not fallen, with the help of EXTRA EASY FUEL are well established and ready for resistance, hoping that the five fleet counter-forces, along with the forces from Hawaii, will be enough to defeat the siege and join the rest of the forces.
Mexico's and Canada are still amicable neutral until use weapons of mass distruction. Canada is under great pressure and economic embargo by Russia and China as it does not allow the Russian land forces to cross and attack on the United States and the inclusion in fighting and eliminating pressure with Chinese and European forces.
On 14/04/2017, the Canada's discount pressure and Russian forces under the leadership of Emil Zhukov moving through Canada to Montana and attempt a direct attack on Colorado and submission to the rest of the resistance.
At the direction of attack coalition forces of Russia and China are organized civil forces that have large amounts of extra light fuel for propulsion long-range missile system. "Race" between conflicting forces who will be quicker and who will more control the civil power and their production of fuel. This is becoming a priority task of the conflicting parties.