Novosibinjsk Army

After the proclamation of free Novosibinjsk authorities and annexation to Russia, a handful of fighters for freedom grows, torsional force that will be capable to defend the country's alliance members. With favorable political currents strong support from China and Russia Novosibinjsk army easily recruited 'dogs of war' 'experienced fighters motivated by money and opponents of democracy from cijelg world. Fanatical fighters together with mercenaries from the free world very quickly form a respectable military force, with experience in guerrilla warfare and unconventional tactics.

With a well-connected network of smugglers good relationship with China and Russia and the unlimited resources of the army Novosibinjska is available most modern arsenal of weapons which by side with weapons, military forces of the West.



Any Kind of uniform (color,pattern)

RECOMMENDED: any kind of a headgear(baseball cap, balaclava,patrol caps,berets,straw hats) or without a headgear

FORBIDDEN: Boonie hat or a combat helmet

In case of mismatches organizer will mark the participant with (patch) colored tape accordingly.